Marie Söderqvist (Linkedin)

10 Mar

Japanese knives are famous all over the world for being invincible. No other countries’ knives can measure up, really. They have the sharpness, elegance, strength and durability that are not to be found in any other knives, nor any other products, anywhere. Though… wait. Actually, though not a product, there is one person whom can be compared to that unique sharpness, elegance, strength and durability. Her name is Marie Söderqvist and she is a Corporate Executive and media personality. Being so edgy is of course an invaluable asset in writing, cutting budgets or cutting through whatever it may be. It can be a certainly dangerous tool as well, especially in front of pigs or lambs and such personalities.

Both of these have gone through highly advanced processes to become cutting edge. It doesn’t just happen over a day. The knives for instance are rubbed for a googol years (or so) between the finest of sandpapers and other things before reaching perfection. And Marie has been rubbed between the walls of several leading institutions in Swedish society: Svenska Dagbladet, Timbro, Expressen and some others which I could tell you but then I would have to kill you – and now United Minds where she has settled as CEO and owns a cut of the company. When I say she has settled there I don’t mean she has become complacent and satisfied and tired of exploring new knowledge, higher goals and bigger money. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m rather saying United Minds is her base camp and from there she is doing all that; striving for bigger success. And it’s going quite alright to say the least. The company is growing fast and furious and the things they do are impressive, best described as a combo between the operations of Brookings and the CIA, though in a commercial environment. My estimate is that five years is the amount of time required before she has been able to annex all of the European business intelligence market on behalf of United Minds.

What more can I say? She is the number 1 to be found as far as I am concerned if you’re in search for a leader. As a boss, she is tough, fair, practical and none the less generous. She even pays me for this.


Fredrik Johansson (Linkedin)

6 Mar

Fredrik Johansson is one out of many in my social sphere to have begun his life in the under-developed parts of Sweden, Rural Sweden. Carrying just a few possessions and the right mindset, Fredrik as a young writer fled Mariestad, pursuing The Stockholm Dream of a job in media, politics, consulting, or something else that makes one feel important. To flee tiny and cute Mariestad for a terra incognito tells at least some about determination. But wait – there is more.

When this young, ambitious boy with only some experience from farming in the family home and writing for the student paper and the local paper arrived to the communications industry of Stockholm, something very interesting happened. Yes, you laugh at his lack of past positions at the time and that he was just a guy with a simple hillbilly background. Well, maybe it’s you who lack the brain capacity to realize that farming and communications are basically the same and being from the countryside is a really great heritage if you want to become something in the latter. Both are simply about planting stuff. Oh boy, he does plant stuff. There are sparks and “bzzz”-sounds when Fredrik cuts through the energy field of communications and strategic counseling.

You know that sometimes when you take a countryside person and put him in a city there’s some sort of mutation happening and that person becomes even more urban than someone with an urban heritage is. That happened to Fredrik. When he came here he started working for the free market right-wing, became gay, interested in fashion, went to all these modern urban lifestyle kind of places, may it be restaurants, boutiques or bars. He did it all. This adaption says at least some about his strength – his ability to adjust and survive.

I’m writing this on a Sunday and, as you know, Sundays are not really a manifestation in structure and concentration and straight-forwardness. So that’s why this recommendation suffers from stringency shortage. Oh my god, you don’t even know where he works yet – 331 words later, and counting.

Today, Fredrik works for the government. To be more precise, he is working for a guy called Uffe or, more formally, Uffepuffe. Uffe (I’m a rather informal person) is the Minister for Social Security here in Sweden. As I understand, Fredrik is an architect or consiglieri behind Uffe and his interventions in social security. So it’s pretty qualified. And before that Fredrik has been on numerous qualified positions. He was once a trend analyst at United Minds. That’s how we met. We have also been to a right-wing training camp together. Fredrik has also been working for the right-wing think-tank Timbro, as I mentioned something about earlier on. He was also once a Special Advisor to the Moderate party in Stockholm. Cool stuff, and he has made it all at the age of 30, I believe his current age is. That tells a little more about determination.

So the young boy from the countryside, carrying just a few possessions and the right mind-set, turned out pretty fine after all. You should work with him, really.

Patrick Krassen

3 Mar

Min Linkedin-rekommendation till Patrick Krassén:

Patrick is a prominent architect behind contemporary public debate and policy issues in the Nordics. As a writer, as a journalist, as an analyst, as a political advisor, as a teacher, as a thought-leader. And as the key figure of an extensive network of up-and-coming Nordic centre-right leaders and intellectuals. I have to point out that this is just a selection of his numerous experiences. I lack the sufficient amount of memory slots to reminisce everything from his already Guinness World Records-long curriculum. If we still would have used these old Win95-mouses without the scroll function, we would have to drag the mouse back to another room to scroll down to the bottom of his CV. I don’t think anyone of his youth can measure up to that. So, one could say he’s got an outstanding holistic view and quite some influence on his enormous field of expertise: politics, advocacy, academic debate, public debate. His rigorous background, his engagement and his social capabilities all contributes to make him quite a smart person. Patrick is the audiobook version of Encyclopaedia Britannica. At the same time, he is developing continuously. So as for progressivity and intellectual growth, he is more like Wikipedia. I’m starting to feel I’m giving you the perception that Patrick is an all too intellectual swot. That is, however, not the case. Patrick is at the same time a sympathetic, relaxed and fun person. And if you ever have the chance to meet with him and see for yourself, I’d say, with an emphasizing tone; go for it!

Ibland har man Facebook-konversationer som det är verkshöjd på

17 Feb
Viktor Jungsand February 16 at 2:00pm
Dear Simon,

I regret to inform you that I won’t be able to make it to the event tonight. My health has been quite unstable lately, I blame the overwhelming winter, thus keeping me away from all socia duty.

I do however look forward to successful events at Riche in the future

Best regards

Simon Strand February 16 at 7:26pm
Dear Mr Jungsand,

I mourn your absence and pity your illness. The Swedish Winter has been whiping our bodies and minds for quite some time now. I have no higher wish than that of putting an end to all of it and everything it does to us. And of all the deeds of this winter, the message you bring me now feels like an unprecedented blow. The first thought that hit me was this: ”Not him, of all the people in the Simon Strand sphere. And not now.”

As an act of solidarity and as a symbol for our loss, we will grant an empty chair at our table tonight. And we are very much longing to an other day in the time ahead when you can finally be with us, perfecting our assembly.

S Strand

Små mycket fiffiga tricks för att verka viktig

17 Feb
  • ”I’m currently flying”-autosvar på mailen för att man sitter på 1h lång flight
  • ”ptjaa… i nästnästa vecka kan jag, på tisdag kl. 10” fastän man kan mest hela tiden egentligen

OBS! Ironi!

Om det gick er förbi…

10 Feb

så var kommentaren på Fredrik Backmans blogg ironisk, ett skämt, ej allvar, en (uppenbarligen) träffsäker karikatyr av PR-konsulter. Den här bloggen är i samma format. Läses med en nypa salt. Välkommen.

Toni Eriksson @ Linkedin

9 Dec

Toni Eriksson är kommunikationsdirektör på FMV sedan nyligen. Innan dess jobbade vi tillsammans. Här är min rekommendation av honom på Linkedin:

Toni Eriksson

If Toni would play in a rock band, he would be one of the Rolling Stones. Because Toni is rolling – between various executive positions in government, in the Social Dems, in public relations and in lobbying. All these powerful institutions say that they need him. Does he need them? Ehm, not so much, I’d say. I guess you know how that saying goes, ”a rolling stone gathers no moss”? In Toni’s case, that is perfectly true. By always moving, in time and space and between employers, he ensures his continuous awesomeness. Toni is a true professional. His clients, colleagues and journalists (calling them »his« journalists is not a dangling modifier but a truth, because after a few minutes of TET, Toni Eriksson Treatment™, they truly are his journalists) have all felt his aura, which is a jumble of authority and warmth. And intelligence, for God’s sake. I wouldn’t want to battle him in Trivial Pursuit or a debate, perhaps in a rap battle though. November 2, 2010